Favourite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are nice. But this is my blog, so here are a few of my favourite things…

Living in England, I should declare my football team. It’s Liverpool. Yes, we are having a terrible season, thank you for asking.

Being Welsh, however, I enjoy my rugby. Warren Gatland, the current Wales coach, visited GDS International’s Cardiff office to talk about his approach to teamwork and team management. I found it fascinating and you can watch the interview here.

But my favourite sport, the one I enjoy above all others, is cycling. I love it and will be blogging about my (small) obsession regularly. In the meantime, here’s a great article from Dave Brailsford’s Team Sky.

Business and personal inspiration

I’m optimistic and I like people. As if that weren’t annoying enough, I’m also perky in the mornings. I believe that people need to be empowered to achieve their goals. I believe that a good company becomes great because of its staff, and through collective effort. I believe the best leaders never stop learning.

These are my top four regular sources of business and personal inspiration.

Harvard Business Review

When I reference individual sources and stories in my blog posts, I will also add them here.

In 2011, the great people of GDS International raised over £35,000 for Autism charities worldwide. To build on this work, in 2013 we launched GDS Cares to raise funds and awareness for hospices that look after life limited children and their families. I will be posting about our (often very noisy) philanthropic adventures.


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