The Meaning of Success


The first weekend in July was one to remember – and not just because the sun was shining. The British and Irish lions claimed their first test series win since 1997 and a British man lifted the Wimbledon title for the first time in 77 years.

Andy Murray woke up last Monday as Wimbledon Champion, the epitome of his career success – “the best day of his life”, he announced in an interview on Sunday.

But how do we define success?

Success is something that you have to work for, or as the dictionary states, ‘the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted’.

I think there are two ways of looking at success. Some may measure it by money, and others by the ability to achieve goals.

Goals are vital to being successful. They are there to give you direction and a target to focus on. If you have something to work towards, then you are more likely to succeed. Well, unless luck is firmly on your side.

The secret of all-round success is: to be highly motivated, being aware of your own ability but also capable of abandoning unattainable goals quickly and moving on to the next.

Many of the principles that are fundamental in successful business apply to winning in sport, and vice versa.

In the MeetTheBoss Sports Leaders series, tennis coach to ten world champions, Nick Bollieteri and other world sports leaders share their business principles and leadership advice to define the five ways to win in business.

A good manager is key to every successful company or organisation. A manager should be a good coach and a motivator. Using experience will help to gain trust, respect and guarantee a successful team that gives good results.

The man behind Murray’s success is man of great experience, Ivan Lendl – former world number one, but never Wimbledon champion.

Lendl became Murray’s coach last year and since then the pair have shared a successful professional partnership. Infamous for his stern exterior, he even managed to crack a smile after Murray’s win.

At GDS, one of our most successful products is our business summits. The two-day events, hosted at luxurious venues are engineered to give business leaders the perfect environment to win new business.

The summits require planning and hard work within the summit team to achieve a successful event. As a team and as a company we want to win, be successful, have happy team players, a good end result and continued success.

These are many of the same principles that Murray would use leading up to a grand slam final.

Product directors, (previously summit directors) motivate and coach the summit team throughout the process – from finding a venue, to the execution of the event. Their experience can control others’ determination to succeed.

Murray’s win is lifting a grand slam title, and a win for GDS is quality feedback, creating value for attendees and building on our achievements.

Shutterstock Image: Copyright Alison Henley


About Spencer Green

Spencer Green founded GDS Publishing Ltd in October 1993 to specialise in industrial, government-led publications for the burgeoning Chinese market. The company launched over forty business-to-business titles, was name-checked alongside Tony Blair on China’s national news as ‘best for Chinese business’, and – following a move into India – deemed to be ‘of national importance’ by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. In 1998, GDS Publishing became GDS International and launched its first conference, Enterprise China. The hugely successful Enterprise series of conferences was rolled out across China and Latin America in the next two years. In 2000, GDS International launched its first Senior Executive Summit under the ‘Next Generation’ banner. This became the catalyst for nine years of 25% year-on-year growth... and 40% growth in 2010. In 2011, GDS held over 70 Summits for C-level Executives from a wide range of industries and across the globe, and eight digital marketing conferences. Today, GDS International is determined to become the world’s no. 1 business-to-business media and services company. It’s going to be an exciting journey! Spencer is married to Emily. They have two children, Finlay and Maya, and live in Bristol, UK.
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